Sunday School Deportment 


  • To see students come to know the Lord as their Personal Saviour.

  • To see students grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • For students to have a love for God (St Matthew 23:37).

  • For students to have a love for each other and to reach out to those in need.


  • To fulfil the Great Commission (St Matthew 28:19; St Mark 16:15).

  • To show students the way to Christ through the Word of God delivered in Sunday school.

  • To help students understand about God and the Bible.

  • To plant the gospel seed in the hearts of the students, ready for the Spirit to germinate.

  • To cater for student’s holistic needs.

  • To support parents and carers.


  • Students to minister to the unsaved through singing etc.

  • Students to minister and show their love to those in need.

  • Teachers to deliver vibrant and stimulating lessons, tailored to the student’s needs and understanding.

  • Teachers to share the Word of God and help students know how to live according to God’s Word.

  • Our Sunday school runs on a weekly basis from 11:00 - 12:00.

    We have six classes which are according to age:

    3-4 Beginners 5-7 Infants 8-11 Juniors 12-15 Lower teens 16-21 Young people 22+ Adults

    All classes have a teacher, who is a member of the church and is equipped with appropriate training.

    The role of the superintendent is to oversee the smooth running of the Sunday school.

    We believe that our students learn in different ways (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic) and so they are taught according to their needs.